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Top 9 Ways To Increase Followers on Instagram for free

Ways To Increase Followers on Instagram

Today we will be talking about how to grow your loyal audience on one of the most significant social network platforms with approx. 1 Billion users per month. On average, more than 100 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram.

Ways To Increase Followers of Instagram for free

Instagram has emerged as the most popular social media platform with over 25 Million businesses on Instagram.

This huge number of audiences has made Instagram a great market for Digital Marketers. So If you are planning to grow your business on Instagram or you want to grow your personal brand or want to become an Instagram influencer then my friend you have made a good decision.

But to grow a loyal and engaging audience you have to follow some good strategies which you may not know.

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So Here, After Doing Comprehensive Research We Have Listed Top 6 Best Strategies To Grow A Loyal And Engaging Audience:


1. Post-Good Quality Content

We All Know That Content is the Real King. It does not matter which strategies you use you will not get loyal and Interactive Audiences if you don’t post good content. These strategies which we are Going to Discuss Here will Help You To Get New Audience But To Withhold them, to make them stay with you we have to provide them with quality content.

We should focus more on quality than quantity of content. The Content we post daily should be Our Niche related. That’s How You Will Get A targeted Audience.

2. Post Consistently

 Till Dates, It Has Been Noticed That the Number Of Engagement depends Upon The No Of Posts We Do Daily. I Know That We Have Discussed above that we should focus more on quality than quantity and Here I Am Telling You to Increase Your Number Of Posts Per Day. So What Should Be The exact number of How Much Post should we do per day. On An Average If You Want To Have Good Engagement on your account then you Should Do At Least 1-2 Posts A day.


3. Understand your Audience

 If you Want good Engagement on your Post Then You must Post Content favorable to our Audience, Which Will Be possible Only When You Understand Your Audience(i.e. Which Type of content your audience wants to see such as Comedy, Informational, Motivational and Many More)


4. Connect With Your Audience

To Have an Audience Which Is Loyal And Interactive, We Have To Connect To Our Audience. We Should Reply them in Comments or in DMs as Far as Possible. We Should Ask For Their Suggestion. We Can Use Images And Videos To Establish Connectivity with our Audience. We Can Also Do Live streams. LiveStream Is A Good Way to Connect With your Audience Because in Live Steam You Are Directly In Front of your Audience. You Can Ask About them. Treat Them As Your Family.

5. Use Quality And Relatable Hashtags

Hashtags Are the Best Tool To Grow Your Audience. One Can Use Quality And Relatable Hashtags To Reach Out To The Audiences of The Same Niche. But While Choosing Hashtags We Must Keep In Mind That We should Use Only quality and Relatable hashtags. Irrelevant Hashtags do not benefit us. For example, suppose we have a food-related page or account and we are using hashtags related to nature. Then this hashtags will never benefit us as it is not related to our niche As Per Instagram Policies We Can use 30 Hashtags Per Post But A study Has Shown That 9 Relevant and quality Hashtags Are Enough For Good Engagement On a post. And We Already Know the more engagement we have the more number of followers we get.

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6. Post at Your Best Time

If we want Good Engagement On Our Post Then We Should Post When Most Of Our Users Are Active. There is Not a Fix Statistics on When Users Are mostly Active. This differs from one account to another. You Can Check This using Instagram Analytics. There you Can See at Which Time Your Users Are Mostly Active.

Posting Content At That Time Results in more Engagement. The More Engagement Your Account Gets The More Favourable your Accounts Get With Instagram Algorithm.


7. Optimize your Bio Perfectly

 You should optimize your bio properly if you want to grow your Instagram followers. The bio does play a good role in interacting with your followers. It tells the followers what the page or account is all about. It makes the first impression on the people who visit your Instagram account.


That’s why you should optimize your bio perfectly. You should use more attractive words in your bio. You should try to use minimum words to educate people about your account. You should use different style fonts to attract people but it should not be over-designed.


8. Use your Bio Url More Efficiently


If You Use Your Instagram Bio Url Just For Your Website Homepage. Then This is the time when you should upgrade it. We should update ourselves with technology if we don’t want to lose the life race of success.


By using certain tools like, You can make a clickable Instagram grid through one link which is placed in your bio URL. Peoples can click to your Bio URL and get access to multiple articles rather than just one homepage. It will certainly help you get more traffic, more clients, or more leads. You can use these types of tools for:


  • Blogs, Online publications
  • Brands with shoppable products
  • Share your affiliate links
  • Or you can use it to send traffic to your B

Here we have listed some of the tools that you can try if you want to utilize Instagram bio URL properly:

  1. Bio
  2. Linktree
  3. Link in profile


9. Share User-generated Content

 Sharing user-generated content is one of the best ways to engage with the audience or followers. Share user-generated content means you should ask your follower to make content for you and post it. And also don’t forget to give credit for the content to the follower who made it.


For example, suppose you have a meme page. You may ask your followers to make memes and send it to you. You will post that meme with credits to its respective owner. That’s how you can increase engagement with your followers.



If You Want To Grow A good Quality Audience Then You Have To post good quality content consistently. We Should Keep In Mind that Growing A loyal Audience is not An Easy Task. We Must Have Patience, Determination, And Consistency.

I Hope You Understood All the Points of our article i.e. (Top 9 Ways To Increase Followers of Insta for free) and Now Are Ready To Grow Your Instagram Business. I Wish Good Luck To All Of You…

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