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Solo Traveller: Things to attempt inside Kathmandu valley

Things do inside Kathmandu valley

People that have known Nepal in books and movies have once set the heart on to explore Kathmandu for so many reasons. The reason includes the food, ancient architecture, endearing atmosphere, Himalayas, and others. Kathmandu is the heart of a beautiful country Nepal. Kathmandu is known as the city of the Temples is surrounded by the complete Himalayas.

Things to attempt inside Kathmandu valley
Things to attempt inside Kathmandu valley

Visitors from various countries are mostly being attracted by the eye-catching scenario of the Himalayas and in addition very different

t but glorious culture and tradition. In this way, some visitors are simply blown away by the numbers of ancient monuments, palaces, and temples. In the process of visiting Kathmandu, don’t set any boundaries on any stuff. Keep your mind and heart calm. Just be ready to add the best memory of the lifetime. Having so many amusing stuff to attempt while visiting Kathmandu city, here we have tended to mention some in the below points.

1 . Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is one of the religious temples that exist. Besides, being religiously famous this temple is popular historically also as per its origination at 400 A.D. it is located at the western bank of river Bagmati. Actually very nearby the international airport. If you are the complete outsider exploring Nepal. Anybody would recommend starting from a religious place. It would be a wonderful experience. If it comes to an insider from the country then it is the obvious thing to visit there often.

Many people around the valley are mostly fascinated by the evening Aarti done at the Aarya Ghaat. Nobody would ever justify the explanation about the Aarti until the real attend. One of the interesting facts about this temple is that only Hindus can access inside the main temple. However, all the remaining buildings are always open to other religions. You will see thousands of monkeys roaming every part of the temple, numbers of Nirvana seekers. Sitting somewhere at the top of the place will provide a spiritually peaceful feeling at last.  


 2. Asan Galli (market)

 Asan Galli is also one of the popular tourist spots and the main market inside this valley. Every people are attracted to this market and its tremendous variety in the product It intersects six paths at one square interestingly. The very busy small paths, buildings, shops, local food at insane cheap rate, and lastly the charming atmosphere will somehow make you fall for it.

Here you can find everything you are searching for in a vast money difference from one shop to another. Roaming around there with a bunch of friends is another level of happiness. With this, you can’t afford to forget trying delicious local food inside the Galli itself. For this, every local people will work as a guide for absolutely free of cost. All you need is to be fearless to ask them.

3. Patan Durbar Square

 It is the most enchanting place inside the valley located at Lalitpur. Lalit and pur giving the meaning of art and city respectively completes the word. It has been enlisted in UNESCO world heritage sites very back. Here the Krishna temple is very famous based on the importance and the architecture itself.

Durbar Square also provides a multitude of opportunities for every visitor to learn about the architectural masterpiece, buildings, culture, history, and others. Some visitor has a great attentiveness to research as well. About the food there, both local and restaurant have individual authentic taste being completely different at a point. But as many of us always get ourselves fascinated by local food.

Thus, for the one craving for local food just visit any of the local food. You might be familiar with potato chips but you can really find a variety of chips. After your food and chips considered as a snack don’t forget to click some photographs at the photo point. Photo point at Patan Durbar Square is basically not seen so special at first. It is at the roadside roof of the small sweet shop. This photo point presents the essence of the whole Patan. But after taking some photographs you will find beauty like other stuff that exists over there.


4. Check into Boutique Hotel

 There are a number of Boutique hotels being made in Nepal to date. The boutique hotel is all about the interior and exterior decor. The boutique is basically not categorized as a specific hotel. Any of these hotels are made small in a size compact with 10 to 100 rooms.

With this, we can find a sense of intimacy and privacy very easily over there. If you’re an outsider or one inside Nepal you can check into one of these hotels and grab the new feelings of being special. Among many of these amazing villas, Baber Mahal Vilas would anyone’s amazing experience. It is being designed by the blend of three architecture Rana architecture inspired by European, Newari architecture, and upper mustang architecture. It includes historical elements like Chandra Shumsher’s uniform and other antique elements. It is designed with an exclusive 13 rooms with a rooftop swimming pool.

5. Bhaktapur

 Bhaktapur is also known as the Bhadgoan or Khwopa back in the ancient time. It lies in the western part of Nepal. This place reflects the ancient Nepali custom, culture tradition, and distinctive art of wooden and potteries. It is counted as one of the old city of Kathmandu valley. It is the native indigenous Newari people in large group. To make an entry for an outsider it cost exactly US$ 15 and NRs. 500 for SAARC countries. In the end, it is the memories and the experiences you collect. Famous is every famous for the palace with fifty-five windows built-in 1427 A.D, golden temple, and many others.

While visiting there you will observe the local Newari people chatting and chilling in a group very often. If you wonder to join please don’t hesitate to just do it. Describing the food of Bhaktapur, JuJu Dhau and typical Newari food is very popular over there. Juju Dhau is a normal yogurt kind of thing served in a clay pot. It is very rich in flavor and thick in consistency wise. With this, every local food has an authentic food that has a Newari rooted flavor at a medium price. At last, depending upon your budget you can buy some amazing handicraft antique objects as a symbol of love.

6. Boudhanath

 Nepal fully being the most religious country has a very large number of temples and Stupas. Boudhanath Stupa is one of them. It costs NRs 400 for foreign nations and NRs 100 for any SAARC nation. It is the vital pilgrimage site for Buddhists, Tibetan, and the whole of Nepal. However, all the visitors having different background can join every parade inside the stupa. It is a true myth that spinning all the prayer wheel that surrounds the monuments for a total of 108 will remove your sins.

It is a little unbearable for normal ones and hence one can partake enlightening the butter candles. Same as the other places, this place has to offer many varieties of delicious food. It includes traditional Tibetan noodle dishes, ting momos, laphing, and whatnot. All these can be easily available in the local eatery around the Boudhanath. In the company after the good food, clicking some amazing photos can also be added to the list. For an eye-catching view, every rooftop restaurant will allow you to get some for free. Allowing doing so is counted as their hospitality. 

These places are very normal to explore inside the valley. But there are more amazing places and stuff to do. If you are one of the visitors from a foreign nation then you have to try all the local foods cross the valley. Some of the traditional local food comprises Thakali Khana set, Newari khaja set, Dhido set, variety of momos, JuJu Dhau, and others. All of the above the embracing atmosphere and people’s humble interaction is the major welcoming things while exploring Nepal.

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