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The coolest Google search Easter Eggs 2020

The coolest Google search Easter Eggs 2020

All of us use Google pretty much every single day for searches, emails, or whatever but what you may not know is all source of hidden Easter Eggs builds in Google. Some of them are accessible by searching certain phrases. Some are just for fun and others are actually useful. This is about the Google search Easter Eggs 2020.

Google search Easter Eggs
Google search Easter Eggs 2020

I think you will surely enjoy these. Let’s dive in!

Some of the cool games!


  1. Solitaire – We can begin just by typing in solitaire and at the top, you will see results with the button that says click to play. Don’t get surprised because it brings up the game of solitaire and there you can choose levels like easy or hard and just play and have fun.


2. Tic-Tac-Toe – The second game that you can play is tic – tac – toe and it’s the same thing pretty much just type in tic- tac – toe in the search box and you can choose difficulty levels from easy, medium, impossible and play against a friend. Well with impossible you see its impossible to win. You can only try!


3. Packman – It is not the original packman layout. This one is quite funny because it actually says Google. So, it is pretty much interesting and is a nice touch of Google.


4. Atari Breakout – For this one, you have to go to Google images and not the regular search. In Image search box type Atari Breakout and it turns Google images search page and results into a game of breakout. You break the entire tile above by bouncing the ball. As you win each level it gets faster. It’s pretty fun.


6. Zerg Rush – When you type in zerg rush, you will have a bunch of the O’s from Google coming down and start eating the results. Another fine thing is that if you wait long enough the O’s will move and arrange themselves saying “GG “ which means “Good Game”.


Some useful tools!!


  1. Flip a coin – This one is used to flip a coin. Just type flips a coin in the Google search box and it will randomly select heads or tails.


2. Roll a dice – If you want few more options you can roll a dice. Just types roll a dice. It will select a random number between 1 and 6, just like a regular dice.


3. Spinner – This one is pretty fun. It is another number generator. If you type in spinner it can select any random number from 2 to 20.


4. Random Number – If you don’t want any of those animations you can simply type random number and it will pick any random number from between 1 and 10 and you can choose any two parameters. But if you pick one that is too big it will show you a confused emoji!!


Just for fun!!


  1. Google in 1998 – If you search for Google in 1998you will see the results page has the old Google logo and the layout is really different from the one that we see today. And one of the finest things is that at the bottom you have the links of all the alternative search engines like Yahoo!, AltaVista, HotBot, etc.

2. Recursion – Now if you do search for recursion it will suggest a spelling correction saying “Did you mean: recursion”. Wait a minute isn’t that we just typed in? There is no spelling mistake. Well if you click it you will realize that it has put you in a never-ending loop. That is what actually recursion means.


3. Askew – Another search that you can do is to type in askew and you can see that the search result page will be shown a little tilted. 


4. Blink HTML – Have you forgotten the HTML blink tag? So, you can relive that by just typing blink HTML in the search box. And as you might expect it makes the words blink do just the same task anywhere on the page.


5. The answer to life, the universe, and everything– Now, this next one I am sure you have all wanted to know forever. It turns out that Google does indeed know the answer to life, the universe, and everything. If you type it in, Google would spend seven and a half million years thinking about it. Then present you with the answer that is of course 42. And if you have not got what I am talking about, it is a reference to Hitch hackers God of the Galaxy books and the movie.


6. Do a Barrel roll – Typing this in the Google search engine would make the search page roll several times.

This is all about Google search Easter Eggs 2020.

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