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7 reasons why you can’t sell your home?

I have seen home sellers shoot themselves in the foot many times when they try to sell their houses. Sometimes the best thing to do is go back and back out of the transaction process and let professional real estate agents take over.

The 7 reasons you can't sell your home
The 7 reasons you can’t sell your home

Many times home sellers become emotionally attached to their home when they try to sell it.

Here are 7 reasons why you can’t sell your home

  1. You cannot take constructive criticism. I’ve seen $ 1 million cash deals fail due to the stupidest things like the difference between $ 500. How stupid is that? I have also seen sellers withdraw their houses from the market because the home inspector found a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of repairs to be made to his 20-year-old home and took it to him personally.
  2. You have valued your house too high. This is probably the # 1 reason why most homes don’t sell and home sellers just don’t understand. What the house is really worth in the market and what YOU think it is worth are two different things. If you don’t think your real estate agent is honest with you about the market value, hire an appraiser!
  3. Your ego gets in the way of the transaction. This may be a by-product of the first reason. I have seen many “educated” people who tried to handle parts of the transaction themselves because they thought they were smarter than their real estate agent who sells 20 houses a month. You hired your real estate agent for a reason, now step back and let them work.
  4. Your home is a pig stye. The way some of you maintain the house … or also fail … may cost you a sale. If you live in your home, keep it clean. Immaculate. If you don’t have the time or the will to do it, hire a professional cleaner to come in. While you’re at it, find yourself a good organizer and ask them to organize their disorganized home. Read the staging article for the more informative information.
  5. You are not flexible enough with dating. I know of a lot of sellers who are overly demanding of potential home buyers. Things like “you can only see it between 4 and 6 on Tuesdays because I’m busy the rest of the week.” I once saw a failed deal because the seller of the house would not miss an appointment for the agent to show his house.
  6. Hides or covers major repairs. I can’t tell you how many home sellers think they are so smart they can hide something from the home inspector. Sure, some will probably get away with it, but from the stories I’ve heard from home inspectors and the photos I’ve seen on the forums, very few get away with it. And when they catch you, send a message to potential buyers that you are being dishonest about the rest of the house.
  7. Try to sell the house yourself. In recent years, many “for sale by owner” companies have popped up telling people how easy it is to sell your home and save on sales commission. What they don’t tell you is all the complex details involved in a real estate transaction. The numbers don’t lie. More than 80% of FSBOs end up listing on a real estate company because they cannot sell their home on their own. Of course, the FSBO Company you bought the signs and various other services from will not refund your money … hahaha

If you are serious about selling your home, hire a competent professional, and stay out of the way. Keep the house clean and cozy inside and out, and be available when requested. During the home inspection, go outside for a while until the inspection is complete. You don’t need to be there and it could make things worse for your real estate transaction.

These are just a few tips I’ve gathered over the years of owning and selling some homes.

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