Solutions for registering a .com site in NepalComputer How To Security 

Solutions for registering a .com site in Nepal

registering a .com site in Nepal

Nepal has been growing in the number of businesses and enterprises adopting websites to bring sense in the way they do business in recent times. Moreover, there are more people engaging through a website for themselves in the varied areas of their needs. However, as per the reports, there was more need for the people and entrepreneurs in Nepal to know the best resources in registering a .com site for them. Let’s have a review on the few of the popular and resourceful options available in Nepal.

Solutions for registering a .com site in Nepal

The service provider that has a global presence and offers inexpensive domain registration. The finest choices of technologies are included in their service pack. Some of the services are free of cost and yet a dedicated registration for a domain does cost a little. Visit the homepage of GoDaddy and you can have the look through the offers that are available in the season on their services. The site offers an annual plan on the registration of your domain with just 150 NPR for the primary service. The .com site has been priced at around 750 NPR. You need to have the MasterCard plan activated on your card to buy the services from GoDaddy.

Services on GoDaddy

  • Personal Domains
  • SSL Certificates
  • Professional Emails 

You can search for the domain name availability on the site that offers the availability search on the domain names. And straight away, you can get started on the registration process if the domain name is available.

Big Rock

The yet another service provider that provides a cheap resource for .com registration for your business. The service that provides quite a reasonable option in the registration aspects. There is many of the services such as multiple E-mail accounts, Domain theft protection, Mail forwarding, and many more that are listed on the homepage of BigRock. The costs of the services on pretty low as compared to other service providers with many more features available at a price that starts from around 150 NPR

Services from BigRock includes

  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Free Add-ons worth around Rs.7500/- NPR
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Domain Forwarding

Thes services from providers are inclusive of the fee that comes with secondary services. On an overall BigRock is one of the finest options to register a .com site for your business or enterprise. Moreover, the richness of the services is pretty comforting and convenient for easy updating and modifications of websites later after the registration of your domain.

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There are indeed many more local providers who serve with efficient prospects in the registration of domains, but the .com sites do need a better resource and service provider for a more reliable solution for businesses and enterprises. The local service providers are recommended for country domains, such as .np that is well suited for the local services. However, the purchase options are much more easy and reliable as compared to the other service providers in domain registration for businesses and enterprises in Nepal.


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