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Top Ways To Secure Your Social Media Accounts

How to secure your social media accounts? More than 4.5 billion individuals presently use the internet. Among them, 3.8 billion are active on social media. Almost 60 percent of the total population is as of now online, and the most recent patterns recommend that the greater part of the world’s total population will use social media by the middle of this year. 

It’s time that you learn top ways to secure your social media accounts as we are more active in our virtual world than the real world.  

Secure Your Social Media Accounts
Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Most of the people have various social media accounts and some users even have multiple social media accounts. Some of them use it for their personal purpose and some of them use it for business purposes. However, many people claim that their social media accounts got hacked.

Most of the time hackers hack profiles for their own selfish reasons as most of the personal data are stored there by people. Most likely, the people who are new to social media tend to be trapped on one of these hacking tricks very easily and beginners are more prone to this. 

This method of securing your social media allows you to add a security layer. It comes into action while the individual logs into their accounts. The users are then asked for the code that appears on their phone etc. Hence, this makes it hard for the hacker to log into the profile since they might not find out the code. You can find this method usually in the setting section of the social media account. 

  • Password Generator

Your social media asks you to create passwords that are strong enough to secure your social media accounts. So you might create custom passwords using characters and numbers. But do you think they are really safe? The human-made passwords are said to be weak. That’s why you should prefer to get the password for your accounts that are proven to be safe. There is a certain password generator website that creates a possible password for your account. You should try that up as one of the ways to secure your social media accounts. 

  • Different Emails 

People tend to use the same email for all their social media accounts. Well, their reason could be justifiable up to some extent because it might be easy to remember for themselves, or creating multiple emails can be confusing. But if you are looking for ways to secure your social media account, you can make multiple emails with different passwords. In this way, even if a hacker, unfortunately, gets into your one account, they cannot access the others because you have used different email and password. 

  • Phone Number Usage 

Providing your phone number in the account profile of your social media will help you in multiple ways to secure your social media account. Firstly, it will notify you of any new login attempt from any other device that’s not yours,  and secondly, it can also help you recover your account in case of any emergency. 

  • Change Passwords Frequently 

One way to secure your social media accounts is to continually change your passwords to something new, however, it may not generally be clear why you need to do something this inconvenient stuff so reliably. Changing your passwords maintains a strategic distance from various risks – including some that are less self-evident, for example, what happens to the passwords you have saved on PCs you no longer use.

  • Set up Security Answers 

Security answers can be one good method of securing your account. But when you set up answers, choose questions that are really hard to answer for normal people

  • Keep Your Information Private 

Nowadays, the most basic yet important information of your life is out there on social media. You need to be aware of what you post on social media because your email address, phone number, security codes are worth a lot of money to hackers and data mining companies.

  • Block Suspicious/Fake Accounts 

A lot of people create fake accounts on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc so that they can extract information or personal data from you. They can be anyone, from hackers to someone who wants to monitor your daily activity suspiciously. Make sure you know who you are accepting of your virtual world. 

   It’s better not to accept anyone whose account seems to be unverifiable. Also, you can block/report those misbehaving or disturbing you online. 

  • Log off your account 

This might look simplest but this is also one of the most important ones. If you open your social media from any unusual places, make the complete assurance that it’s logged out.  There is no trace of your presence from that particular place so that hackers won’t get a chance. 

  •  Install Anti Virus 

Having antivirus and safety software installed on your cellphones and computers is favorable protection against viruses, malware, and other online risks. Make certain that you download the latest software updates to keep up with current threats. 

  • Careful Public Access

Be conscious of accessing your social media accounts on public wireless connections, such as at a coffee shop or airport. It is very easy to overhear on Internet traffic, including passwords and other sensitive data, on a public wireless network.


These are a few tips and top ways to secure your social media accounts. Cybercrime is a serious issue hence, you are requested to be careful and take it seriously. Happy posting. 

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