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Guide:Portugal visas,immigration and residency permits

Guide about Portugal visas, immigration, and residency permits

This article contains Types/kinds of visas in Portugal, Requirements for Portuguese visa, Application process, and other conditions for arranging a Portuguese visa, Immigration to Portugal.

But first, we need to discuss the policy for needing a Portuguese visa and who needs a Portuguese visa to enter Portugal.

Who needs a Portuguese visa to visit Portugal?

Your nationality and the objective of the visit determines the need for a visa for Portugal. According to the Portuguese immigration policy, Nationals from the EU/EEA and Switzerland can enter the country with their identity cards only. But other foreign countries will require a passport which has a validity of at least six months and also a Portuguese visa if necessary. When entering the country, the immigration of Portugal might check whether you have enough finances for the time of your stay or a return ticket(or proof you can afford one).

Portuguese Embassy of your country processes the Portuguese visas of residence, while (servico de Estrangerios e Fronteiras, SEF) the immigration of Portugal is responsible for permitting Portuguese resident permits(Autorizacao de Residencia).

Portugal visas for Schengen Area Citizens & Swiss/EEA/EU

Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries in Europe which includes Portugal in which the border control of every country has been removed. People of Schengen countries can travel freely to every Schengen countries without having a passport. The only thing they need is an identification document to get an entry in Portugal.

Countries located in the Schengen Area are :

  1. Portugal
  2. 2.Austria
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Belgium
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. Germany
  9. France
  10. Hungary
  11. Greece
  12. Italy
  13. Iceland
  14. Lithuania
  15. Latvia
  16. Luxembourg
  17. Malta
  18. Netherlands
  19. Norway
  20. Poland
  21. Slovakia
  22. Slovenia
  23. Spain
  24. Sweden
  25. Switzerland
  26. Liechtenstein

Note: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are not the members of the EU but have been given similar rights Under the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Portugal is a European Union member state which grants visa-free entry to all EEA/EU/Swiss residents and also certain family members or relatives even if they do not belong from the EU themselves. When EU nationals are hired once, they are allowed to enter the country for three months with the purpose of finding a job or setting up a business as the same rights as a Portuguese worker.

If any of the citizens from the EU/EFTA stays for a longer period than three months then they have to file a registration certificate and can also request a Permanent residence certificate after moving Portugal for five years.

Portugal visas for Citizens from non-EU nations:

Countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc have several international agreements set by the Portuguese immigration policy for non-EU countries which allows these nations to enter and stay in Portugal for 90 days within a six-month period without requiring any visa.

Non -EU/EFTA national need to apply for a long-term visa or residency visa before arriving who wish to stay longer than 3 months that allows them to apply for a residence permit after arriving in Portugal. Working people, retired people, students, self-employed, family members are those who fit into this type of visa category.

Requirements for Portugal visa

The requirements of Portuguese visa depends upon the objective and the duration of your stay. You will need to apply for the opposite Portuguese visa applicable to your situation only if your nationality requires an entry visa or long-term residence permit for Portugal. There are explained below:

  1. Portugal Residence visa

Portuguese residence visa is a four-month period visa in order to apply for a residence permit after arrival. This can be granted for any of the following reasons:

  1. People with income
  2. Pensioners
  3. Family reunion
  4. Entrepreneurial activities
  5. Employed work
  6. Teaching
  7. Scientific research
  8. Self-employment

The Portuguese residence visa can also be applied as a Schengen National ‘long-stay’ visa (type-D) given to individuals in which one can work, study, or permanently reside in a Schengen area country for a specific duration. This can be issued as a multi-entry visa which allows one to visit other Schengen nations, if the holder meets certain criteria. The Working Schengen Visa is one of the most common types of long-stay visas.

  1. Schengen short-stay visa

If you intend to visit Portugal for staying less than three months or as a tourist, you can apply for a Portuguese Schengen visa.

Portugal Immigration, visas and residency permits
Gude: Portugal Immigration, visas and residency permits

It allows you to stay in Portugal or any other Schengen area for a total of 90 days out of a 180 day period. There are also types of Schengen short-stay visa according to your objective of visiting Portugal. They are as follows:

a.Limited Territorial Validity visas

It is a special visa in which a person is allowed to visit only one or certain other Schengen states, according to the specification when applying for the visa. This visa is applied when the traveler doesn’t possess a valid visiting document or if there is an emergency.

b.Transit visa(visa  category-A)

It is a type of Schengen short-stay visa which allows transit within the international area of an airport, without entering the Schengen area, from one flight to another. This type of visa is important and compulsory for all the passengers who change flights in a Schengen country airport except if they are free from requiring an entry Portuguese visa.

c.Transit visa and short-term stay (visa category-C)

This type of visa is issued for transit as well as short term stays in the Schengen area. allowing one, two, or multiple entries, this visa is valid for a total of 90 days within a six month period. The Portuguese tourist visa and the business vis are the most common types of short-stay visas issued.

  1. Long term-stay Portuguese visas and Temporary stay visas

Long-Stay Portuguese visas are issued for a temporary stay for a four-month period in which multiple entries can be done. In following conditions. long-stay Portuguese visa is granted:-

  1. For accompanying a family member for medical treatment
  2. For doing Scientific research or teaching.

c.To engage in an amateur sports activity.

  1. Transference of workers between countries to provide services or training.

e.Treating in a health facility.

  1. Execution of international allegiance.

Portuguese Visa Fees

Non-refundable fee should be paid for the Portuguese visa. The fees for Portuguese visa are:

  • Transit Visa = $75.05
  • Schengen short-term visa (less than 90 days) = $75.05
  • Temporary stay visa (less than 120 days) = $93.82
  • Long term visa (more than 90 days) = $123.84

For children aged 6 to 11 years and nationals from Georgia, Kosova, Russia, and Ukraine, $43.78 is reduced in the Portuguese visa fees.

Portuguese Visa Application

Whether you apply for a long-stay visa or a short-stay visa, you’ll need to fill in a Portuguese visa application form and should submit it to the Portuguese embassy in your home country. You can download a Portuguese Visa application as it has been provided in the internet as well as in several languages.

While submitting the visa application, you’ll need to submit the following documentation along with it:-

  • Two passport size photos
  • Passport and copies of your previous visas
  • Copy of your return flight ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of your visit and itinerary
  • Flight dates and times
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Proof of sufficient funds to last the duration of your stay
  • Proof of civil status (married, children, etc.)
  • Proof of economic status (employed, self-employed, student, retired, etc.)

You may also be asked to present additional documentation related to the nature of your visit. The additional document will be required as per the type of the visa.

Portuguese visa processing time varies depending on the objective of your visit. It can take anywhere from two weeks up to two to three months, so it is advisable to start the Portuguese visa application process with time.


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    1. While submitting the visa application, you’ll need to submit the following documentation along with it:-

      Two passport size photos
      Passport and copies of your previous visas
      Copy of your return flight ticket
      Travel insurance
      Cover letter stating the purpose of your visit and itinerary
      Flight dates and times
      Hotel Reservation
      Proof of sufficient funds to last the duration of your stay
      Proof of civil status (married, children, etc.)
      Proof of economic status (employed, self-employed, student, retired, etc.)

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