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Portugal : Make Social Security Number Free Cost

Make Social Security Number

Portugal is one of the best destination countries for all immigrants people. Many travelers visit and stay in Portugal. There are a lot of immigrants getting problems to make documents in Portugal. Today, I am talking about one of the problems.

Make Social Security Number
Make Social Security Number

We all know that in 2017 there were a total 416,682 immigrants now you can think about how much immigrants increase in Portugal. The Ministry of Internal Affairs present report that by half of September 82,928 new residence permit had been provided to the immigrants as well as 23,861 family reunification.

Social Security Number is one of the important document which helps to get you every facility in Portugal. I hope everyone knows about the Portugal tax law. Today in Portugal there are many immigrants in Portugal from Indian, Bangladeshis, Pakistani, Nepalese, Brazilians, and many other countries like Chinese. Due to the freedom of new immigrants facing problems while making documents.

What documents needed for newly arrived immigrants

  1. Legal Entry
  2. Finance Number (NIF Number)
  3. Social Security Number(SSN)
  4. Junta(Address Proof)
  5. Criminal Record (Native land)
  6. Work Contract
  7. SEF Entry(final steep)

Make Social Security Number Free Cost

I request you to stay far from the active agent who takes money to make social security numbers for newly arrived immigrants. It’s illegal to take money for such a document. Portugal have their law for such agents also so, Now read this article and make social security number yourself. You can make social security number from two methods :

  1. Legal entry
  2. Get NIF number
  3. Get Junta (Address proof)
  4. With all the above Documents, Open a Bank Account(ActivoBank is free & open on the same day after depositing 250 euro that you can withdraw on the same day).
  5. Now with All the above documents, including Bank account number, Open your Activity(Actividade) in Finanças Office.
  6. Now with all the above documents including Actividade , Go to Loja do Cidadão near your location & apply for Segurança Social Number. You will get it as soon as possible. Some times it may delay due to some documents issue.

Last method, search work contract, and apply social security number through the company contract paper.

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  1. Sunil Kumar

    I have apply Sugranca for my children required for school I have also Sugranca number how apply my children have niff number junta and legal entry give me idea

    1. Hamroportugal

      In This case if you have your lawyer you can consult with them or for more info you can contact to social seguranca near your location.

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