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More than a Website-Successful eBusiness

When we say “More than a Website“, we mean that Successful eBusiness is not just a matter of having a website, it is about the basics of your business and how the Internet and your website can support and help your business to grow. Will your website reach more people or new markets, help you better serve existing customers; c, or maybe all of this and more.

More than a website
More than a website

Is so easy.

These days, anyone can put together a website. There are many designers and web programs that allow you to easily create and launch a website yourself. That is why there are so many websites: good and bad, well designed, and not. There are many attractive and well-designed sites that are easy to use and a lot of fun, and there are many that are completely opposite. However, even the “good guys” have a challenge. They may look good, they may even offer good information and be customer friendly, but there is much more to do.

So do you have a website…?

It’s that friendly website always available, kept up to date, easily found, designed, optimized, promoted, and positioned to get the most traffic for your target market. Does it grow as your business grows, adds value, and delivers to your customers? If you order and pay for something online, does that guarantee delivery and satisfaction? Not always. There really are many questions that need to be addressed beyond the design and function of your website.

Building Relationships

In fact, the design and appearance of your website is only part of a successful e-commerce solution. The information you provide, the customer experience, and the ability to contact or “do something” are important ingredients in your online relationship with each visitor, and it is a relationship. The relationship you build through interaction, by providing what the customer is looking for through an easy-to-follow process, is key to success. Even if you only help in a small way, direct the visitor in the right direction, you have had an impact and possibly a connection. If you can really connect and convince a visitor to contact you, register or subscribe to more information or additional contact from you, then your relationship can really start to grow.

Sell Sell ..?

Don’t choose a difficult selling approach from the start. Most people use the Internet to collect information, to learn about the features and benefits of the products and services they may need, and, of course, to compare prices. It is important to understand how people use the Internet and how the information and processes on your website match to help them. The process is not to sell sell sell, but to inform, educate and then sell, and in fact, this may not happen on the same visit. People need time to collect and process information, making it easier to find, remove, and contact you if they have further questions. In fact, the more questions you can answer, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials

Frequently asked questions are a great way to inform and educate, and also a great way to sell. Therefore, provide a set of questions and answers for people, the most frequent, and sometimes the most obvious perhaps, but all potentially useful, they save time and are appreciated by website visitors. Similarly, testimonials from satisfied customers are a good way to build credibility, to assure potential customers that your products or services will meet their needs, and to be the best solution for them.

More than a website, a personalized Successful eBusiness solution for your company

The art of promoting your company and products and services online is not really different from the offline world, the same questions apply. The Internet, your website, or web portal must be an integral part of your business, and it must offer new opportunities for you, your existing clients, and all those potential clients that you can now reach.

One size fits all, and it is important to understand your markets, your competitive environment, and get to know your customers. Transform E-Business understands these critical factors and, through our e-commerce consulting, can help you develop a personalized e-commerce solution that meets your overall business goals and contributes significantly to business success. It is More than a Website, much more in fact.

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