Load Money on Payoneer MasterCard in NepalHow To Weird 

Load Money on Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal

How to Load Money on Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal

Payoneer MasterCard is currently one of the best methods to have financial transactions regardless of global boundaries. Especially for freelancers who work on online platforms like Freelancer.com or Upwork.com, or something else; they could easily receive their earning in foreign currency through Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal. However, if you are located in Nepal, new to Payoneer, and looking for legal ways to top up the Payoneer MasterCard then you should be reading through; as we have mentioned the processes in brief.

Load Money on Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal
Load Money on Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal


Payoneer MasterCard to Card Transfer System

Payoneer offers a card to card balance loading system from other cards that are offered by Payoneer. Only Payoneer cardholders can transfer their balance to another Payoneer card without any hassle. The balance is usually instantly transferred to the recipient’s account and could be used right away unless there are any country-wise transaction barrier is implemented on international transactions. When this card to card transfer feature is used between two Payoneer MasterCard holders, no additional transaction fee will be incurred. However, for all the first-timers in card to card transfer, we would highly recommend starting off with smaller amounts to ensure the transaction is happening right. 


There are certain limitations to card to card transfer amount. The maximum transfer amount for Payoneer card to card transfer is $1000; no transfer below $20 is allowed as well. Maximum 15 transfers could take place within a 30 day period, and the total transfer limit within a month (30 days) can’t exceed a total sum of $10,000.


Private Loading Service

People in Nepal could also avail of the private loading service for Payoneer MasterCards. Anyone from any place on earth where MasterCard services are provided could avail the Private Loading Service, however, there are certain restrictions implied. The money isn’t instantly available on the recipient account, it could take up to 2 working days. The Private Loading Service will only be authorized after a thorough review by Payoneer. However, not all Payoneer accounts are eligible for Private Loading; the account must be a regular recipient from any US payment service.



People who earn money online through freelancing, outsourcing, or affiliate marketing could directly receive their payments into Payoneer MasterCard. The supported services are Upwork, Elance, Digital River, 99Designs, Fiverr, etc. These services have a direct payment option to Payoneer cards, the user only needs to find the option and fill up the card number accurately. Once the confirmation message arrives, the service will be all set up to use. Upon having sufficient funds on the Payoneer card, the account could even be connected with a PayPal account.


US Payment Services

US-based companies can make direct payments to any Payoneer MasterCard. If you are located in Nepal and need to receive payments from a US-based company, you could simply ask for Payoneer as a transaction method. However, the transaction will have to be approved by Payoneer’s account approval departments first. The fees for receiving payments is 1% of the received amount; however, there are no limits to receiving such amounts. 



Receiving money on Payoneer at Nepal isn’t much of a big issue, make sure you have a verified Payoneer account and MasterCard and follow any of the above steps.

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