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Interview Question and Answer for Estonia Student Visa

Embassy Questions and Answer Interview for Estonia students on getting a visa


The country Estonia is one of the easiest countries to apply for a visa as stated by Schengen Visa info. According to their statistics, only 1.6% of the applications failed but the rest of 98.4% were granted a short-term visa to the Schengen area. 

Estonia is an amazing place where it is named as the World`s least crowded countries and one with the most forests and trees, it`s really a place for nature lovers. Aside from that, it was also known as Lonely Planet, where international students can study for and network for starting a business. 

Interview Question and Answer for Estonia Student Visa
Interview Question and Answer for Estonia Student Visa

For students, going to Estonia for study these are the questions the embassy can ask for before getting the visa;


1. Why are you going to Estonia?

 In this interrogative statement, answer it what are your future plans for going to Estonia and what is the connection on it for your visa application. 

2. Where did you go to school now? 

This is just a common question wherein you can answer correctly and briefly. They ask this because they want to be updated on your current school for contacts and transaction purposes. 

3. How many schools did you get admitted to?

   Then if your main reason for getting a visa is to study at Estonia well, 

they will ask this question because they want to know if you are prepared on application towards other schools in the said country. Bette to give them a list of schools you are admitted to or the application forms. 

4. How will you manage the cultural and educational differences in Estonia?

To answer this, know how you will handle cultural diversity. Answer this through, adjustments and learning how to be with them by respecting their cultural and educational policies. State to them that you can adopt changes and glad to be with that aspect. 

5. Why do you want to pursue a degree in Estonia?

Again, mention to the interviewer your main purpose and other specific details why do you choose Estonia for pursuing your degree. Through, stating that Estonia is an ideal place for study and to learn more. 

6. Why not study in other countries like Canada or Australia?

This is a test question where focus and consistent reason for yours is a challenge. This question should be answered in a way like Estonia is the best place to live and fulfill your dreams into reality. 

7. How do you plan to fund the entire education of your education?

Financial sources are what they need to ask because if you want to study there it is not easy you need also to be financially ready. So, you should mention all those people who will help you to finish your study all throughout. Give them proof about your parent’s financial income, if they are the ones who are providing you for studies. And if not, still give pieces of evidence or enough documents to convince the interviewer that you are capable to study in Estonia in any means. 

8. Who is going to sponsor your education?

For sponsors, kindly attach their contacts and information such as annual income and occupation, so that the interviewer will know that you are dependent on them. If any matter will happen in your education, it is easy to access those people involved in sponsoring your financial aspects towards your studies. 

9. How else will you cover the rest of your costs? 

They are instances that your sponsors will no longer provide for your financial means, by this how will you survive on this matter. The interviewer wants to know how will you be wise on making the decision if sponsors would not help you anymore. Answer this question through a brief sample like you will work while studying or have a part-time job to sustain your expenses. 

10. Do you have a copy of your bank statements?

This question is such a confidential one, but it is needed for a complying visa. Answer this truthfully through providing your bank statements previous and current statements will do. Again, they need valid pieces of evidence and proof just to convince them that you can and will pursue getting a visa for study. 

11. Did you get offered a scholarship at your admitted school?

The interviewer is eager to know what will be your future life at your soon to be school. So, if you applied for a scholarship on the school that you are admitted at Estonia better to tell this because in this matter they will feel relief because you have additional support for your finances. And if not, say to them that you will still apply to get a scholarship for funds in education. 

12. Do you have relatives or friends currently in Estonia?

The interviewer wants to know how will you live there while you are studying. Answer this honestly if you will reside with your relatives or friends. If you have relatives and friends there, they will still get their contacts and information to be sure that they will help you through living. Aside from that, they will validate it through communicating them. But, if you don`t have one, will still be honest and tell the interviewer on how and where will you live and reside at Estonia. 

13. What are your plans for post-graduation?

This is an important question because they will assure on what will you do after living there for your study purposes, hence they will ask if you will stay there permanently or not because there is an applied time or duration for getting a visa. So figure out earlier on what will your future plans.

14. Do you have a job or career in mind after you graduate?

This is not a working type question but also applicable to an embassy interview because they want a piece of settled information from you. Will you go back to your former country or live there for good and they will base this through your future job or career that you will pursue. If you see the Estonia country as an ideal place for a business venture or achieving your career there better to state this earlier. 

15. Do you plan on returning back to your country?

This needs an assurance that leaving your country is only for study or to live at Estonia permanently. By answering this you should know again how will you obtain different changes in residing permanently at Estonia. If you plan to come back to your country then say so. 

16. If you will return to your country, how can we assure you for that one?

To answer this question, satisfy and convince your interviewer that you will leave the country after the study period is through providing the return flight reservation. Further, you can show them proofs of a statement that you will compromise on your said statement. 

17. If we will reject your application for a visa, will you stop also?

This might be the hardest question and last one but make them believe that no matter what happens you will pursue your studies at Estonia. Answer this through, reapplication and knowing how to accept mistake for failing to get the visa. Also, a rejected visa doesn`t mean stopping you to pursue on achieving your dreams. Tell them that you will work on how to pass the visa because your future was handed there. 

To study in other countries such as Estonia is a challenging one. The cultural differences, unusual changes that may lead to cultural shock will really test you as a person. However, when you know your main target you will focus more on adapting change and not be distracted by temporary discomfort. 

Getting a visa will make you a prepared and focus person in the aspects of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial. You will apply for a visa because you want to study and it means risking everything to get what you really want to have in life. 

For students, before getting a visa these are the things you need to remember; 

  • Submit your application with supporting proofs or evidence
  • Practice your English as often as possible because it will lead you to a good communication process and to convince then fully.
  • Prepare your explanations to the possible questions asked by the interviewer
  • Visualize yourself on getting the visa 
  • Talk to the mirror it will boost your confidence in facing interviewers
  • Understand, analyze and comprehend what is asked on you during the interview
  • Be ready all the time 


This interview from the embassy is not a joke or a small thing but this will serve as your pathway to get your visa without any misleading information. Your future will depend on this interview so study and test yourself. 


If you want to achieve your visa, better to validate yourself now. Knowing yourself, your past, your future, and your present self is necessary. This is not a mind-game, this is your game on living your life. 

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