Hungary Embassy Interview Question and Answer for Student VisaEurope Travel 

Hungary Embassy Interview Question and Answer for Student Visa

Hungary Embassy Interview Question and Answer For Student

Getting and passing at the visa is not as easy as 1-2-3 or saying A-B-C, because it takes a lot of procedure and the right process. Applicants especially students should be prepared and well-organized to their thoughts, needs, and effort to get a visa. 

Hungary Embassy Interview Question and Answer for Student Visa
                                  Hungary Embassy Interview Question and Answer for Student Visa

Here are some questions by the embassy asked and answers that should be mindful of;


1. Where do you reside in the country?



This is a common question for the applicants, this question is asked because they want to know how long are you staying in the said country. By answering this question make sure that the answer is relevant and detailed. Give the honest complete address as necessary as it is. 


2. Which college/university do you study at?


This is where an applicant should state the complete address of the institution where she or he is studying. One should state the name of the school or institution. It is best also to bring any proof documents like registration form and valid ID, just to confirm that you are an active student there. 


3. When was the last time you paid your income tax?

This question is good because it will test your financial capabilities though you are still a student. Just answer this question truthfully about your financial background.


4. Who is financing your travel?


Well, as we mentioned a while ago that visa is not easy as 1-2-3,  so as a student who will provide money for your travel goals. To answer this if you finance yourself, then say it. But if it comes from other people make sure to have their complete details so that the embassy will assure and remind them too. Give also the income statement and bank account statement so that the embassy will be convinced that you are not the one providing for your travel. 

5. What are the countries you are visiting on your trip?


It is easy to imagine to go to different places and travel the world but to the embassy, you have to be specific for what countries you will venture. For answering this question, just be organized, by providing your itinerary to them. Aside from that be detailed to your travel trips from day 1 up to the last day of your travel. 


6. Why are you traveling to this country?


Some travel to have a vacation, work, study, medical treatment, or just for pass time. So, by this question, you have to know what is your purpose for traveling in one country or other countries. If you will work, better to provide legalities of employment. For the study, then have documents about school information and personal information. For medical treatment, abide by your medical certificate and endorsement by professionals. Always have the proof with you. 


7. Are you traveling alone or with another person?


Being a student is like having a child-like treatment. The embassy would not be convinced on you to travel alone unless you can prove to them that you can do it on your own. But if you are traveling by peers, better to state it the name, age, employment, and citizenship details of all your travel buddies. 


8. Have you already made the travel and accommodation arrangements in the country visit?


If you have done it already then give the embassy the copies that you have previously like the bookings you made and contact details of the travel desk manager that you have talked to. 


9. Why are you staying in this country for so long?


If you will stay in one country for almost months or years, this question is the first thing you will be asked. Then to answer this explain further why will you stay in one country for good. Then after explaining, have an assurance that you will be back in one country before the visa expires. This question will only be asked if you will undergo medical treatment or study for years in one country. 


10. Are you aware of which countries your visa covers and which doesn`t? Do you know what the validity of your visa will be? 


Mention what you have done in your research and know what the visa will be covered. To have a strong conviction on this question, you should know your limits and visa validation. You should know what approximate date range for the validity period of your visa. 

11. Can you guarantee that you will return to your home country within the stipulated visa expiry time?


This question is not just about making a guarantee or promise, this will show how trusted you will be. Always know the power of integrity and trust so state that you will be back home because of your left family at one country and answer truthfully the question with evidence. 


12. Are you related to or have you ever been involved with any terrorist or anti-social elements? Is anyone in your family?


The question is a test that you will not just go to another country or countries because you are running away something. Since you are a student, the process of getting a visa is quite difficult. To answer this question, be true to yourself and your family background. Additionally, note that you are from a well-off family and not belong to any terrorism. Again, honesty will convince the embassy. 


13. Did you contact your university or institution or did they contact you?


Probably, a student going to another country to study in another country the embassy will make sure that the school have contacted you or vice-versa because they want to know that you will be going there for the purpose of fulfilling your education. Whatever happens to you will be reflected into the embassy, so answer it with regards to your real purpose and transactions on other countries.  For proof, give the details of your applied institution and your past contacts or communication into the school you mentioned to study. 


14. What will you do if we reject your visa?


This question will surely test how eagerly and committed you are to venture to other countries. First thing first, if ever you are rejected then don`t be hesitate to ask for what mistake or process that it was rejected. After finding out the wrong thing on the application of your visa, don`t lose hope to try again for reapplication. Wait for the result again and be patient while waiting because those things happen for a great time. 


15. Why do you think you should be granted by visa?


Probably, this will be the last and important question you will be asked by the interviewer, to answer this you should stick on answering your real purposes. A brief and true answer will do. 


Everyone dreams to travel the world and it is okay. But you have to travel in the process. The process that will take your time, effort, financial capabilities, and identification of you as a person. It simply means that going to another country or countries is not just flying and riding on the plane gradually. One should know how to be prepared— preparedness is not about having money alone but with legitimacy abide. Imagine yourself going to a place without proper planning and not having any guide, isn`t it struggling? 


Getting a visa as a student will surely a challenging one because a lot of intriguing questions will be asked on you. However, you shouldn`t be rattled and worry so much. Keep in mind that before you will venture ask yourself the “why” questions so that when you face the interviewer on embassy you are knowledgeable enough to defend your purpose for traveling. 

They say that you don`t need to worry about those questions if you are really saying honest answers. You don`t have to fake one if your purpose is valid. Say what is real and true because you will surely get what you really wanted to achieve. 


If you give importance on achieving your visa, then surely there is no room of fake and failure on your heart. But if you will fail for the application, always look at the bright side. Be hopeful and try applying again because things are not settled properly at your first try but it doesn`t mean to give up an quit. 


If your purpose for getting a visa is about medical treatment, then say your medical documents into the interviewer. If you want to study, believe that you can study outside, and again documents are the strongest proof or you can ever have while applying for the visa.

Before applying make sure you are physically, emotionally, and mentally ready. During the interview, be focused on the questions and answer what is your purpose. After applying for the visa, pray and be hopeful that you can pass on the embassy interviews. 


Always take note of these things on applying for the visa as a student: BE HONEST, FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL and BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL PASS AND GET YOUR VISA. 


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