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How to check if your account has been hacked or not

Is your Facebook account hacked??

Have you ever wondered what your Facebook account might get hacked? Would you like to know whether you have been hacked or not? So, what are the signs of it? If your friends are receiving on your behalf private messages with links and offers that you know you never sent or you see some kind of change in your personal information. Then, my friend, it is most likely that your account has been compromised! So to check if account has been hacked :


How to check that your account has been hacked or not?


Where you are logged in – So, in the upper right corner of the blue tab of Facebook, you have a drop-down arrow. Click it. A drop-down menu will appear. Now,

  1. Click on settings from the drop-down list.
  2. Go on the security tab present on the left of the page among other tabs.
  3. In the right you see a list of options pop up. Find “Where you’ve logged” an option.


This option will show you all the details of the places and systems from where you have logged in recently. It will show you things like what recent activity you did? What browser did you use? And from what all areas were your account logged in recently? If somebody is logging in from some other place or you see in action some kind of browser that you are not using. It proves that your account is hacked.


What should I do to protect my Facebook account?


One of the things is that a lot of people think Facebook is so bad insecurity that our accounts are getting hacked. Well, the thing is that the problem isn’t with Facebook’s security features the problem is with you!


  1. Go for a better password – If you are using a really bad password like any casual word of the dictionary, anything that does not contain weird characters will lead you to a disaster. You need to have a fairly long and weird password that is a combination of upper case, lower case, digits etc. 90% of the people being hacked are hacked just because they try securing their account with very simple passwords.


  1. Beware of viruses– Being hacked sometimes means that you might be infected with something. So, if you have got hacked. It may happen that the viruses are scanning your machine and stealing your password. So, of course, you need to have this fixed.


  1. Login alerts – In the same security tab, another option present is –login alerts. This option will help you to get email notifications or mobile notifications if somebody is logging into your Facebook account. So, if you are not using Facebook and then you get an alert that somebody is using your Facebook, you immediately know that your account is in danger.


  1. Login approvals – In the same security settings, you have also got login approvals. What login approvals will do is that if you check that right it is going to require login code to access your account from the unknown browser. This is a fantastic security feature because if somebody tries to access your account from another place it won’t work unless you enter that code. And that code will be received in your smartphone or via email. Of course, every time you will log in from your main computer or your cell phone it is not going to ask for any code because it knows that these are places from where you login usually. 


I hope the tips help you. Happy Facebooking!!

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