Google Adsense PIN Verification in NepalHow To 

Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal

How to Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal

Google Adsense has opened up a new horizon of earning money for many people. Having a website isn’t just for showing off these days, a properly made website can indeed bring a lot of fame and money. However, having a website alone wouldn’t do much good if it’s not verified with some ad providing company such as Google Adsense; which is the most popular and trustworthy service of its kind right now.

Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal
Google Adsense PIN Verification in Nepal

This advertisement publishing platform was developed by Google a long time ago, and currently, website publishers really do put a lot of faith in Adsense for earning the extra mileage. However, AdSense is strict in so many aspects such as PIN verification while signing up for a new account. PIN verification requires postal service delivery and due to the slow tendency in postal delivery in many places across the world, PIN verification is often an issue with AdSense.


What is PIN Verification?

PIN Verification is officially called Address Verification, in the terms of Google AdSense acronyms. Basically this procedure is for confirmation of the mailing address that you provide. Google requires a household or business address to proceed and send payments to, this doesn’t work the electrical way. Thus, while creating a new account it is important to provide an actual mailing address that would receive the PIN code by post. Until this PIN code is entered on the appropriate field, payment will be barred from being transacted into the user’s bank into the payee’s bank account.


Time Required for PIN Arrival

Typically, the PIN takes 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, depending on what part of the world you are located at. Speaking of Nepal is a different story though because the PIN would most likely travel from California all the way to Nepal and while the international post wouldn’t take much time, the local post offices in Nepal would certainly take so. 


Deadline for Entering PIN Code

The PIN code entering wouldn’t really stay active forever, the time window is 4 months from the date of requesting the PIN code. After four-month is passed, Google AdSense will no more show ads on your website until you insert the PIN and validate your address on your account. 


Request a New PIN 

If you believe your PIN code mail has been delivered to Nepal and the postage department of Nepal has lost it, you could ask for another one. Google AdSense website clearly illustrates how one can ask for another PIN code after 4 weeks of the last request for a PIN code. However, note that this process would only work for a total of 3 times – 3 PIN codes, and then the AdSense user needs to use a government document for address verification.


Government Document Verification

If your PIN code hasn’t received your place in Nepal, the last resort is to ask for Google’s assistance to guide you through the PIN verification process using government documents. After sending 3 PINs the AdSense window should show a notice on the page regarding this issue. Click on it and you will be guided through. However, remember to have a government-approved document ready at your possession where your name and address are very clearly mentioned.



Google AdSense is strict about address verification, but they aren’t really rude about helping someone out. For the content publishers in Nepal, the verification process using government documents could really be helpful.

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