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Family reunification Visa Process Portugal

Family reunification Visa Process from Portugal

If you are living in Portugal for some years then you can apply a visa for your family members like husband, wife, mother, father, and children as a dependent. Family reunification Visa Process Portugal is easy.

Family reunification apply process from Portugal
Family reunification apply process from Portugal

As Portugal law family reunification process is in Article 98, paragraph-2. Portugal is one of the best countries where we can easily settle and get residency earlier than other European nations. Many immigrants from different countries are living in Portugal legally by getting a residency permit.

Who can apply for a family reunification visa?

People who apply a family reunification visas must have resident permit cards. For family reunification Visa resident permit card is most important. Not only resident permit card there are more essential documents are also needed.

Family reunification Visa Process Portugal: What are the steps need to do from Portugal

  • At first make your appointment on SEF. There is no online system for family reunification appointments. For the appointment 808202653(Phone), 808962690 (Mobile) contact on this number and fix the appointment too near your location.
  • Collect the document of a dependent person in Portugal and translate those documents. If you are applying your Husband/wife then you need documents like Birth certificate, Criminal Report, Marriage Certificate, Colour Printed, One Proof Photo, and Passport with stamp of Ministry of affairs of your own country.
  • If you are applying your Mother/Father then you need Relationship Certificate, Colour Printed Passport, Criminal Report, Remittance receipt(Fund send to your mother/father from Portugal your country).
  • Make sure of your documents also like IRS(per person min 7000 euro needed but depend upon your location SEF because some SEF approve 3000-3500 euro), Liqidacao, resident permit card(4-6 month validity), company contract, company declaration letter, bank balance(minimum 2000-3000) and statement and three months’ salary slip.

After complete documents go to SEF in your fixed appointment date and time. Submit all the documents. As per the SEF they will decide for approvals letter. Let you know that some SEF provides instant approved letter but some SEF takes three months to send an approved letter. Some people use lawyers to apply but in my experience we do not need any lawyer if we have complete documents, so be careful and save money.


Now, after getting the approved letter again fix the appointment to the VFS Portugal. You can fix an appointment from an online VFS site near your VFS location. Summit the document, they will provide you tracking number in your receipt which may help you to track your documents. Finally and wait for the visa.



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  1. Arjun Pitamber

    Hi, thanks for informative article, After successful application of both mother and father , what kind of Visa do they get ? Also what are the restrictions to this visa ? Can they freely travel between Portugal and other countries outside EU while maintaining the Visa? , or they must stay in Portugal for a specified amount of time annually ?

    1. Hamroportugal

      They will get Residency visa which helps them to travel all Schengen countries. They don”t have to stay in Portugal.
      Thank you for your inquiry.

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