How download instagram photos, stories and videosApps How To 

How to download Instagram photos, stories and videos

How to download Instagram photos, stories and videos

Instagram is actually formed by the two words instant camera and telegram together and was launched in 2010 back then. In the recent generation, Instagram is one of the free and very popular social media application for sharing the photo and videos among the followers.

How download the instagram photos, stories and videos
How to download the Instagram photos, stories and videos

We see many photos and videos daily which we sometimes relate to ourselves and wills to share with our friends who may or may not be on Instagram. But unfortunately, Instagram allows neither saving nor downloading any photos and videos from other profiles. So as to help one person to download photos and videos originally a simple step by step ways are listed below.

Before we present the step by step ways to download Instagram photos and videos, here’s one important thing to be noted clearly that it’s more unfortunate to download any photos and videos from a private account. Any ideas we are sharing are for public accounts only.

However, most of us can use the option of screen recording or simply the screenshot for both private and public accounts. But to download from this method is a kind of bad experience as it needs an extra app which is basically full of annoying advertisements and others. And also few of us only can bear the degrading quality regarding photos and videos from screen recording and screenshot.

Finally, after knowing all the important facts and noted things related to Instagram. Here we list out the step by step ways to download the Instagram photos and videos from one’s public account easily without the third app.

  1. At first, you need to open your Instagram account in any of the media phones or PCs and go to the photo or video that you wanted to download.
  2. For next, you can easily see a three-dotted icon just above the post at your right (which is also used for editing your own posts). Click here and find an option called to copy the link.
  3. Same as that move to the browser of our phone or PCs and type or
  4. Right after the loading of the website, you need to paste the link of respective photos or videos from your clipboard that you’ve copied from Instagram.
  5. Lastly, the button will be shown for downloading photos or videos which you need to click over to save in your PCs or your camera roll.
  6. Just in case, if any of the apps relating to download videos already exists in your phone you might directly go to the app and copy the click in the search box and the further step is the same as the above.

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