How to do Budget Travel in the PhilippinesHow To Travel 

How to do Budget Travel in the Philippines

Budget Travel in the Philippines

The Philippines is called the Pearl of the Orient Sea which means a lot of natural resources can be found. This country has been a perfect place to travel for soul-searching, camping, and even enjoying the beauty of nature. As tourists grow and come annually to have a thrilling vacation, most of them chose to stay in the Philippines. 

 To travel means to leave the best scar and footmark to your heart and add up new memories to be remembered. But traveling momentously doesn`t mean to travel expensively. If you are finding a cool place where you can have the best travel for the year and can save more, worry no more because the Philippines will be with you for a friendly-travel budget.

   The Philippines have lists of an incredible bucket list that can also explore a thrifty budget. If you want to have camping, there are places in the Philippines that can lead you to a perfect picture of what you really dream of camping like Camp Sawi. For those who love sunsets and sunrise, be at Manila Bay to witness the glowing rays of sun there. Forgoing to white-sand beaches, many places can be drawn to experience it that can be found in the provinces of the Philippines like Boracay Island. There are more friendly locals who are fun to be with, too. Filipinos are undeniably good at catering to their tourist as they are known as hospitable. 


The country has been a lot to offer new places that can be the best place you will ever have. The perfect cone volcanoes, the green environment that can captivate your eyes and melt your heart, the forests where wildlife animals care, the beyond the beauty of caves, the splashing sound of waterfalls, preserved coral reefs, ancestral houses that will be brought you to old centuries, underground rivers, and some of the most paradise-like beaches in the world. 

  Here are some of the typical costs for venturing the Philippines;

1. Get an affordable dorm bed in a hostel 

This is the first thing you should do as a tourist when you came down to the Philippines. It is because you will stay for a week, so while staying reserved for an affordable dorm, some of the dorms are not expensive or costly. When you are at Manila make sure to find a cheap dorm that costs $6 or Php 300.00 per night. So if you will stay for a week then you can only spend $42 in which converted as Php 2,100.00 only. Spend less, travel more for a week.

2. Try and eat food locals

This tip will surely help you to be a local person or a typical Filipino too. While traveling, avoid restaurants that cost $25 or Php 1,000.00 per dining in. When you want to experience being a local person eat foods that are unusual to your taste. Foods that are unique and new to tourists are native foods like Suman a lihia. Baluts are also rare foods that Filipinos enjoy. Balut is an egg where a chicken can be seen, it`s hair and egg taste is good for the brain. The street foods are also great to eat, you can spend only $0.50 or Php 25.00 and you can have a full tummy for the day. 

3. Stay with locals 

Staying with locals is not easy yet a good thing to do while traveling in the Philippines. Those locals are called Filipinos. Filipinos are caring and hospitable when it comes to their visitors especially tourists and foreigners. While staying with locals who are also traveling, it can save you for accommodation costs and meet new people to have a great bond. Strangers will not only stay as strangers because sooner or later as you go traveling with them, but you will also be in a circle of friends unexpectedly. 


4. Experience a jeepney and long-distance bus ride

When traveling to one place, try to experience jeepney ride wherein you can only spend $0.25 or Php 14.00 that`s great right? The long-distance bus can be enjoyed if you travel to one city to another city and surprisingly you can spend $1 or Php 50.00 minimum depending on the area you want to go to. While riding on a jeepney or long-distance bus, whenever people have arrived at their destination, you can hear words such as “para po” , “ sa gilid lang po” or “manong, ditto na lang po sa tabi” which means a sign of saying, at last, you are at your desired location. Don`t miss this out because this is the traditional transportation and enjoying one to ride on while you are in the Philippines. 

5. Change dollars to peso currency

It is common to change your dollars to peso currency when you are in the Philippines. Always save Philippine money when traveling because when you are at provinces it is rare to find an exchange stock market, come to think with this. Explore wisely because fun and time are running too fast. It is better to have Philippine money so you can save and know how to budget that too. Well, cramming while traveling is not a good idea, so better to exchange those dollars to peso right away. A dollar can be converted into Php 50.00

6. List down properly your itinerary

This is the most common thing to do in traveling but don`t forget it maximize your itinerary. The itinerary will be the source of your guiding map in traveling in the Philippines. For example when you want to experience calmness through beaches and having to try museums at the same, try to go at Ilocos Norte, where you can feel the fantastic breeze of air at beach and scenery, then going to museums also can make you be the best artist of all times. Focus on one place wherein you can explore so many enchanting things on it. This will save you time and money too. 

As the saying goes it`s better to be prepared than do nothing. 

Don`t let cram and thinking too much ruin your best travels in the Philippines. 

7. Be updated to Air Asia Sales 


Being updated doesn`t mean to just know it while knowing it grabs the opportunity to book a flight when you want to do this in a good way. Keeping an eye on domestic flights will lead you to spend only $50 or Php 2,000.00. Try also the Piso flight where sometimes you can travel for just a $1 or Php 50.00. Traveling with spending less is the best travel a tourist can acquire in the Philippines. There are sales and discounts on booking a flight earlier. As cliché as may sound, an early bird catches an early worm. So, settle to be that early bird so that you can earn more worms means more savings while enjoying. 

8. Bring less, travel more

It simply means when you have the dorm to stay tuned, then bring fewer things on your backpack, carrying much baggage can spend you so much too. The more you carry, the expense is also double. So to have the budget-friendly travel, carry what is important and clothes that can be counted. Travel at many places with fewer things to carry is great right? You don`t need to worry about where to put these things when you travel because you chose only a hand carry one. 

9. Buy souvenirs rather than expensive kinds of stuff

It is usual to a tourist when going to a place they have gotten it the first time and bought souvenirs. To be wise on purchasing, buy those items that only cost $1 or Php 50.00 and within your budget. Sometimes, there are also freebies while traveling, Filipinos give those freebies usually at beyond or after travel at one specific place. Those souvenirs are like keychains or ref magnets, keep these souvenirs because this will serve as a remembrance worth remembering for. They are not costly, but within memories to your heart. It is great to add these things to your bucket list.

Travel with wholehearted excitement and save because life is wonderful when things are balanced proportionately. A happy heart is really happy when you do things beyond to the fullest. Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer and Senator once said, “ I know everyone in the Philippines is happy.”

Filipinos are happy because they explore things to its wisest and cheapest thing through looking beyond their natural resources. So, if you want to have a happy heart, go to the Philippines now to experience the happy place they are proud to impart to every tourist. 

  Be mindful that when you have the courage to travel, always be practical. Enjoy life while spending not on the limits. Travel to gain more friends and memories that you can share with others. After all, the Philippines will be proud to say if you choose this country to venture, because in Philippines #It`sMoreFunInThePhilippines. Don`t miss this fun, now prepare your things, book a flight, and be ready to travel the enchanting beauty of the Philippines. 

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