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Customer Focus on eBusiness

Inside, looking …

Customer Focus on eBusiness is the most important thing. So nowadays many companies frame their offerings around what they know details about their products and services, without thinking about what their customers really want. This inside-out approach often leads to a mismatch between what is offered and what customers, or potential customers, are really looking for.

Customer focus on ebusiness

Outside, Looking Inside

The smartest companies know that the reverse approach is required and they watch their products and services from the outside, watching. They ask and answer the client’s question: What’s in it for me …?

What do the Customers want from your eBusiness?

What do the Customers want from your eBusiness? Understanding the market and defining true customer value, for which customers are willing to pay a premium, is the heart of every business. It is no different in the world of electronic commerce, there has to be a value proposition for the customer.

Whether in existing markets or in defining and creating new markets, e-commerce solutions have to increase your company’s value proposition for customers. Will your eCommerce solution make your life easier or richer, save time or money? These are the questions you must understand and answer to be truly successful.

Internet Market Research

To help answer these important questions, we need to ask customers directly or find out what they are really looking for. Along with traditional methods, we can now use the Internet to do our market research. Fortunately, there are tools that allow us to see what people are currently looking for, which gives us a starting point to refine or match our offerings to them.

Magic Bullets

People use keywords to search for information on the Internet and to find products and services. These market keywords can be analyzed to quantify traffic volume and also to identify niche markets where there are few competing websites.

Knowledge of the keywords people use to search the Internet provides important market information that can be used to understand what potential customers are really looking for and to optimize your website and product/service offerings to meet demand.

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