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Better check list before proceeding | Importance of Local SEO

You may listen all the time to keep your content updated, so Check the lists before proceeding and keep it updated. Be on the lookout for new keywords. But how do you know what people are looking for? Aren’t you looking for the same thing? For example, if you have a lawn and tree care business, aren’t they going to use the same keywords to find you? The answer is actually both yes and no.

Check the lists before proceeding
Check the lists before proceeding

Local SEO is Most Important

Why Local SEO is Most Important? It is because, When people search, sometimes they may not get what they want the first time and fine-tune their search with just one additional keyword or a single keyword change to get new results. Sometimes this change is not much, but it can make a difference. If you owned a lawn care business, you would expect people to use the phrase “lawn care” in their search. But this is not the only thing they can include and that is precisely why you need to refine the various keywords that you could put on your site. Lawn care will get thousands upon thousands of visits. While Google is getting smarter by realizing a user’s location and narrowing down their search, sometimes this is not enough or users don’t realize it. Then they adjust their search.

A user can type keywords like “local lawn care”, “lawn care services”, “lawn care company”, “lawn care in”, “tree care”, “tree care services”, “tree service”, etc. ahead. They will often include your particular location, such as “lawn care in Kansas City” or something even more definitive if your city has a name that exists in more than one state, “lawn care in Springfield Illinois”.

But how do you know which keywords are popular? How do you know which ones to use? There are several online locations that will give you keyword usage lists that you can use to carefully craft your blogs, articles, and other pieces of information and make them keyword rich. One of these is Google Adwords and its keyword tool. Just type in a keyword or phrase and Google will retrieve all related words or phrases that people use in their searches. Google stays up-to-date and on track so you can always revisit the site when you feel like you need to check your keywords’ popularity. Then you can make changes if necessary.

By checking keyword lists and making sure they are specific, well used, and up-to-date, you will always have a strong place in search results that can attract visitors and leads.

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