Seguranca Social: Contributions of the Self-Employed News Segurança Social 

Seguranca Social: Contributions of the Self-Employed

Seguranca Social: Contributions of the Self-Employed 1.Contributions made through payment for the reduction of economics activity during the period of extraordinary support The quarterly declaration period for self-employed workers is taking place in April. The earnings from January, February, and March 2020, that are used to calculate the benefaction for April, May and June 2020 should be indicated as per this declaration. Self-employed workers receive a notification through Direct Social Security (SSDireta) while submitting the quarterly declaration which regards the contributory base that was set for them for the following…

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Make Social Security Number Documents Segurança Social 

Portugal : Make Social Security Number Free Cost

Make Social Security Number Portugal is one of the best destination countries for all immigrants people. Many travelers visit and stay in Portugal. There are a lot of immigrants getting problems to make documents in Portugal. Today, I am talking about one of the problems. We all know that in 2017 there were a total 416,682 immigrants now you can think about how much immigrants increase in Portugal. The Ministry of Internal Affairs present report that by half of September 82,928 new residence permit had been provided to the immigrants…

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online Social Security Site Segurança Social 

Register online Social Security Site

 Why you need to register? If you register social security it helps you to check and apply many more services like fundo apply, To check tax, Pension, order European Health insurance card, and many more. Today we will teach you how to register social security site login. Register online Social Security Site If you don’t have a keyword (Palavra-chave) of Social seguranca, then just click here or directly —. Click on the social seguranca directa block, after then. you can see Register just click there. They ask your NISS…

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Apply European Heath Card from Portugal Segurança Social 

Apply European Heath Card from Portugal

What is the European Health Card?  European Health Card is mainly issued by the United Kingdom(UK). This card is issued for the resident or non-resident who paid the tax to the European government. The cost of the card is free for the taxpayers. What does the European Health Card do? European Health Card helps to reduce the cost while you visit to the European Union. This card help when you travel to other European countries ( accident, illness, chronic per-exiting situation which requires care like kidney dialysis and more). How…

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Segurança Social 

How to change social seguranca address(Morada) online

how to change social seguranca address(Morada) online social site Portugal. Before that we have know that what is social and how it’s work? Every company register in Portugal has to contribute the tax to the local social security also let you know that they have to contribute tax to the Portuguese social security scheme through 34,75%. In detail 23,75% paid by the company and 11% deducted from the employee salary. If you are a non-resident but also a contributor then you will get many facilities like pension, European Health Card,…

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