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Hamro Portugal is a website where you can cherish the flavor of technology as well as the knowledge of foreign countries(especially Europe). The objective of this website is to share the recent tech updates, Europe trips, Trending Gadgets, Devices, Reviews, News, Applications for Phones, iPhones, Laptops/PCs e.t.c. Everyday contents are published according to the daily updates from many tech sectors as well as solutions for minor tech problems. We are focused on our SEO rankings and we try to share our research in a very simple way where our viewers can read as well as understand the basic knowledge given from our article. Everyday tech providers like Apple, Google, e.t.c. have something for their user so we are here to pass the message from the facilitator to the person who brings facilitated. We are very conscious about our viewer’s needs, so, we are here to fulfill the major knowledge need of our viewers. This is a website operated by two of us. We are always searching the best out of the best content for our users to view. Hamro Portugal is a new website and is being supported till now and we hope our messages will be passed to many more new viewers in upcoming days. Thank you!