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15 Places to visit in Portugal

  There are 15 Places to visit in Portugal :

Portugal is a European country. It is one of the most visited countries in the world due to its attractive arts, unique culture, ideal holiday weather, and its incomparable attractions. Situated on the west coast of the Liberian Peninsula. We bring you 15 most preferred and exotic places in Portugal that you may find very attractive to visit.the following are the 15 Places to visit in Portugal:-

  • Coimbra

Once the capital of Portugal. It is one of the most charming town city which is located near the Mondego River in the center of Portugal. Medieval churches and an intricate maze of cobbled streets has increased the beauties of the city. It is also considered to be the most romantic city in the country.

  • Lagos

One of the premier resort towns in Portugal. Thousands of tourists visit to see the magical rock formations, sandstone cliffs, weirdly shaped grottoes. Incredible sun dip below the Atlantic horizon can be seen from the lighthouse of Lagos. The fabulous beaches and most astonishing views with the perfect climatic conditions make this place to be the perfect destination for thousands of tourists every year.

  • Nazare

Nazare is famed for its colossal wintertime waves. It attracts the daredevil surfers to visit the place to experience surfing a 30m wave in the winter months. It is one of Portugal’s best beach resort towns due to its vast sand beach, wonderful restaurants with live music, and rich fishing heritage. Historical monasteries, beautiful beach, the lighthouse of the town makes this place a perfect place to visit.

  • Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo is one of the largest city in Portugal. This city is also known for its hard-working people which built its fortunes on ship buildings. Visitors can view and enjoy the rugged coastline of beautiful beaches, jugged cliffs, and powerful seas. Visitors can enjoy day trips to Pretty Ponte de Lima and the Northern border town of Valencia.

  • Sintra

Sintra is set the pine-covered hills of the Serra de Sintra, and hidden within the region are wondrous palaces and extravagant. The climate is a slighter cooler in the hills of Sintra in comparison to other places of Portugal. The historical pen palace, ancient buildings, numerous grand villas, arts in the street walls, hills can be the most wonderful views to capture in your camera.


One of the world’s greatest capital cities and the most beautiful place which has to be the first place you visit in Portugal.it is the city which has historic values, culture, nightlife and most importantly fun are some of the important factors that make the city vibrant and diverse. The ancient Alfama district and other districts having a distinct and unique history and architectural styles make the city feel proud and honored.

  • Porto

The people in Porto may have a hard-working modest mentality but it is a city that is rich in historical views. The nightlife and artisan scenes that are flourishing make the city look more beautiful. The beaches of Matosinhos in the summertime are the prime and wonderful views that make the city more crowded with tourists to come and enjoy the scenes. For one the city can be a great destination for a break in summertime.

  • Evora

Evora is known for its cultural rich values and it is located at the heart Arid Alentejo region. Evora is popular for its trading place as well as a religious center. History of one of the most religiously rich cities that can be witnessed by the different ancient sites located at different places in the city. Evora can be reflected by the different important sight of the city. Evora is now most recognized for its historical Roman Temples.

  • Tavira

The beautiful beaches and its views that lie within the coastline of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa and some of the finest pristine beaches make Tavira as one of the most favorite holiday destinations in Portugal. The city is also known for its richness in fishing heritage with delicious food varieties in numerous restaurants. For spiritual relaxed form, best and beautiful views, the city is regarded as the most favored place for a holiday destination.

  • Azores

This place is also known for its quaint towns, hot minerals springs, and world-class whale watching facilities. There are nine islands in this place each island has its own fascinating identity of its own. You can enjoy the beaches of the islands. the highest mountain in Portugal is in the green land.

  • Madeira

Wine, Flowers, gardens, lush green land escapes are the major factors that make this place popular in Portugal and as well as the world. You can get varieties of wines in this city. Luxurious restaurants, resorts are made nearby the ocean so that tourists can enjoy the view of the ocean.

  • Obidos

Obidos sits on a hilltop in western Portugal Centro Region with a Fortified wall encircling. The medieval castle is the main attractive factor that attracts tourists to visit this place to see the magnificent structure of the castle. Now this castle turns into a luxurious hotel that can tourists visit. It is one of the historical places in Portugal.

  • Algarve

Algarve is one of the most visited places in Portugal due to its fabulous cuisine, historic sites, gorgeous beaches, suitable climate. These all are available at reasonably affordable prices. Situated in the southernmost region of Portugal. Thousands of tourists visit to capture the landscape of olive and traditional whitewashed villages.

  • Ericeira

One of the most attractions of Portugal travel is surfing, the small fishing village of Ericeira has a big reputation for helping tourists catch the waves. This place is easily accessible. This beach of this place is one of the busiest beaches than others due to its natural beauty.

  • Braga

Braga is the third-largest city of Portugal where visitors can get all the facilities. The site is replete with bars, restaurants, shops, cafes, which gives a truly vibrant atmosphere to Braga. It has also religious values. 116 meters of the stairs take visitors to the top of the hill in the woods for breathtaking views.

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